Girl Power

We’re smart, we’re cool
We’re hot, we’re cold and when it comes to parties we’re out of control.
We can sing, dance, rap, write, we’re pish and posh but sometimes we fight
But when we do it’s for our rights, cuz we’re what the world needs
If we were gone the world would plead,
For us to come back, we probably wouldn’t go in a snap cuz we’re better than that, we know right from wrong cuz inside we’re strong
We were put on this world for a reason because it is where we belong!
We’re here to make a difference and we’re gonna do it with confidence
And with no help from Nikki or Rihanna cuz, they’re not the proper inspiration for the next generation.
We need to think fast and act quick with no hesitation. We must take matters into our own hands and start making out a plan, because we are girls and someday, somehow we’re going to make a serious change in the world.

– Sabira Rahman

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